Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Yarn Bombing Movement

Often article's written on yarn bombing don't have the positive creative spin on it that fibre artists would like them to have. Isn't it all about the fun that this type of art brings to not only the people that create the pieces but to everyone that gets to experience the joy of seeing these tags?

If you'd like to be a part of this event [whether you're a yarn bomber or a spectator], then feel free to get involved.

All you need to do is on June 11 [International Yarn Bombing Day and  Worldwide Knit In Public Day], post an entry on your blog about your yarn bombing journey, and post a link to your blog in this event so everyone can read it.

Some things you can talk about are:
- How you first got into yarn bombing
- What yarn bombing means to you
- Some yarn bombers that inspire you
- What you'd like to see for the future of yarn bombing
- How long you've been yarn bombing and how much you've seen it change in that time
- A particular piece that you were involved with that had special meaning to you

And of course you can get into more controversial things like:
- Fibre artists that tend to think that their work is much better than everyone else's and everyone else is just amature
- People that say it's not environmentally friendly to attach yarn to objects
- People that say we all should be knitting for charity and not for art

I'm sure that you could actually do your post before the day or after the day and that would be fine.

Let's all unite in the fun art of yarn bombing and be supportive of each other's talents. :)

P.S. Feel free to share this event so we can all get involved.

And don't forget - if you're in Melbourne, then come along to this event on June 11:


  1. oh I can't wait to participate at Fed. Square.. I've been knitting up a storm!

  2. Thanks for the writing prompts!