Sunday, 22 May 2011

Call Out For Flowers

Ever wanted to get involved in a large scale yarn bombing project but don't have the time? Or not sure how to crochet? Or don't have much yarn? Then this is for you!

We're putting the call out for flowers to be made to put on our huge lighting frame to be used for the Light Hearts Installation as a part of the Light In Winter festival during the month of June in Melbourne, Australia.

This frame will be covered with yarn bombing and strung up from a tiered structure. Here's a before photo:

 And here's the first progression of the red panels:
The flowers are SUPER DUPER EASY to make and each would take the average person less than five minutes per flower. There is a fantastic youtube "how to" video here:  You don't have to add the button if you don't have any. We can have them added later if need be.

There are two parts of the frame that need flowers added to it. The first is the top outside of the frame. Excuse my dodgy photos but I wanted to show you an example of where the flowers will go.  See below where I've put the weird red piece. That will be a black piece all the way around and the flowers will be attached to it.

Queue another dodgy photo. Imagine the red piece is a black one with lots of lovely flowers attached and sewn on really neatly and nicely. Oh and FYI, there are 8 red panels [as shown below] and 8 orange panels, hence we need flowers that look good with red and orange.
 The other section of the frame to be covered is the bottom outside part.
And again another dodgy photo, just trying to show you where the black piece and flowers will go.
So here's the challenge. Why not everyone make 5 flowers each? It'll take you less than an hour and suddenly you've greatly contributed to a large scale project. What about getting a team of friends and family around for an hour and having a busy bee where you all make flowers? One hour and you've all helped out tremendously! Of course you can make more than 5 flowers if you'd like.

- DO NOT attach your "calling card"/tag to your flowers. If you would like to have a tag attached to say you were a part of making the flowers, then please send your tag separately. We will add them to a special spot on the frame as to not take away from the beauty of the flowers.

- You must use the colors chosen by our creative director for the yarn. Suitable colors are reds/oranges/yellows and white. You can use ANY color for the buttons.

- Please send your flowers to:
1 Gordon Street, Brunswick West VIC 3055, Australia.

We need the flowers now!!! It's May 22nd now and the festival is for the month of June but we need to make sure everything is in order now. So get cracking and send in those flowers. There is a chance we can put up the lighting frame at a later date but we really want to get this done ASAP.

Yes yes, you can use other flower patterns if you'd like. Knitted or crochet, as long as they're not too big. Go for it!

Some of you have asked for a physical pattern to the flower. I cannot find one that the maker has posted, so I've written up one myself. Please let me know if it doesn't make sense or is incorrect but it's really easier just to watch the video.


8ply or Worsted Weight yarn
4mm crochet hook
1 large holed button

Leave a long starting tail as this will be used to sew on the button.
Petal 1 - Ch4, 1tr into first ch, 1tr into first ch, ch3, ss into first ch.
Petal 2 - Ch3, 1tr into first ch, 1tr into first ch, ch3, ss into first ch.
Petal 3 - Same as petal 2
Petal 4 - Same as petal 2
Petal 5 - Same as petal 2.
Leave a long finishing tail for sewing onto your object.

If wanting to put a button onto your flower, then use your starting tail to sew that on. Once done, you're ready to use the finishing tail to sew onto your object.

Luv Bali.


  1. I can do some on the weekend and send Monday (I'm in Melb) so you'd have them tues (at a push I could drop roumd Sunday evening) would that be any use?


  2. Hi Amanda, thanks so much for getting involved. You can send them on Monday if you like, or drop them around. I think I'm going out Sunday night, but if I'm not here, stick them on the table out front. Either is fine.

  3. I'm sorry Bali, events overtook me (minor family drama). AManda