Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pretty Girl Statue Yarn Bomb

Working the weekend can be a bit boring at times, so I wanted to do something fun on my lunch break. I asked my workmate and good friend Krisha to accompany me on a yarn bombing expedition. Krisha knows and loves my yarn bombing attempts. I taught her how to crochet and loom knit, so she was all for coming along to see what I do.

We walked around to Collins Street just past the Inter Continental Hotel to where there is a family of statues. I've known they have been there for ages and knew I wanted to do something for them and one of the pretty little girls ended up getting some lovely pink and white ankle cuffs.

The cuffs only took less than half an hour each to make. I used the crochet loop stitch which I've never done before and wanted to try out.
My camera died whilst Krisha was trying to take photos but we had my phone and her phone with us, so that was good.
Here's the lovely Krisha next to the lucky little girl...
It took less than ten minutes to do the yarn bomb and when we finished we turned out only to see some weirdo man right behind us taking photos of us yarn bombing. Needless to say we skittled off out of there very quickly.
Click on the "Statues" folder on the right hand side of my page to go to my flickr with many more photos of the girl.

Luv Bali.