Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lighting Frame

This is the lighting frame we've been given for the Lights In Winter festival that we need to cover with yarn.
 Don't be fooled by the photo. The frame is quite large.
The top of the frame is a circle with 40.5cm across and would need a lacey round circle of knit/crochet done with a hole in the middle for the chain to come through.
The main section of the frame is in 16 panels and comes down from a thin top to a wider bottom. The top is 8cm wide and the bottom is 29cm wide. The length of the panel is 66cm.
The panels work down in differing increments. It follows like this:

8cm wide for top
9cm wide at 6cm down panel
10cm wide at 10cm down panel
11cm wide at 13cm down panel
12cm wide at 17cm down panel
13cm wide at 21cm down panel
14cm wide at 24cm down panel
15cm wide at 27cm down panel
16cm wide at 30cm down panel
17cm wide at 33cm down panel
18cm wide at 36cm down panel
19cm wide at 38cm down panel
20cm wide at 42cm down panel
21cm wide at 44cm down panel
22cm wide at 46cm down panel
23cm wide at 49cm down panel
24cm wide at 52cm down panel
25cm wide at 54cm down panel
26cm wide at 57cm down panel
27cm wide at 60cm down panel
28cm wide at 63cm down panel
29cm wide at 66cm down panel

The rim around the bottom is 15.5cm top to bottom and each section is 29cm wide, with 16 sections completing the rim the whole way around.
We'll probably need to do the very bottom under rim of the frame aswell. The top is 22cm wide and the bottom is 29cm wide. The length of each section is 18cm.
The measurements for the underside of the rim follow like this:

22cm wide for top
23cm wide at 3cm down panel
24cm wide at 5cm down panel
25cm wide at 7.5cm down panel

26cm wide at 10cm down panel
27cm wide at 13cm down panel
28cm wide at 15cm down panel
29cm wide at 18cm down panel

We will only need a small team working on the structure. We need 8 panels done in knitting and 8 panels done in crochet. The yarn used will be red and orange Sullivans Coton from Lincraft which is being ordered specially. It's the same yarn used here:
The pattern needs to be open and lace-like so that the light underneath can shine through. 

If you are in Melbourne and are interested in giving us a hand, please let me know - first in best dressed and you will need to attend a busy bee at my house so that you can see the piece and get used to what needs to be done to cover it. Please note that the panels obviously require increasing your knitting or crochet, so if you're not comfortable doing that then this project may not be for you. And please also be aware that you only have until the last week of May to complete your panel.

Luv Bali.


  1. love it Bali .. too complicated for me, sorry! But I will continue with my pole pieces, and let me know about the wool 'stash' if you need help there.♥ ~ L.

  2. Ooh wish you were in London, we Ninjas would love to join in! Good luck.

  3. You can always join in with the other things we need done like pole pieces, lanterns and snowflakes. We have many international helpers. :)

  4. What about the park bench pattern?


  5. The park bench pattern is crochet and a pattern that you can't increase or decrease on, so unfortunately it won't work.

  6. Bali,

    when is your next get together.

    Yarn Wrap