Friday, 20 May 2011

New York Times Article

Hello all.

What a wonderful day. New York Times have run an article on yarn bombing and I have been mentioned.

If you have been directed here by the article, then welcome and hello to you. If you'd like to see my facebook page on my yarn bombing efforts [which I update almost every day], then go here:
Be sure to "like" the page too.

I'm in the middle of many yarn bombing projects right now, so I tend to update the facebook page more than this blog. Last night I finished a beautiful piece that I'm putting up on Sunday when I get interviewed by Lisette. Photos to come of that. Still working on the Light Hearts Installation for the Light In Winter festival in June in Melbourne. And in the middle of doing something for the Woolley Walk Along project of Knitty Graffity's aswell. So much to do!

Back to work.
Luv Bali.


  1. Oh and I should say that we're still after people to help us out with the Light Hearts Installation. So if you're into crochet, knitting or looming, then check out my entry on the Light In Winter festival and all the details are there.

  2. I'm busy on the Light in Winter poles right now....
    photos shortly♥