Monday, 14 March 2011

Things To Remember About Yarn Bombing

Just a few things to remember when yarn bombing...
- It can be illegal. Proceed with caution.
Be careful what you're attaching your tag to. Yarn bombing is effectively destruction of property and this is an offence. Whilst I have not come across anyone that has been arrested for this or warned, be aware that there is always the chance of this happening.
- It doesn't have to be perfect.
Yarn bombing is mainly done for objects that are out in the weather. They will get rained on and soggy and burnt by the sun. Your tag doesn't need to be perfect. Coming from a perfectionist, this can be hard to deal with but trust me, no use spending hours and hours perfecting the piece and making it look absolutely stunning, only to find it weathered and beaten - or stolen - a few days later.
- It may not stay up long.
Don't be discouraged if your tag doesn't stay up very long. It may be taken down by the council, or stolen by a passer by, or fallen down due to the weather. Whilst we'd all like to think our tags will stay there, the liklihood is minimal. If you don't like to see if your tags are taken, then put them in suburbs where you don't visit a lot and keep them fresh in your memory of photographs. If you don't mind seeing if they live or not, put them near where you travel and watch them when you can. I've had tags that have lasted less than half an hour [!] and I've had tags last weeks and weeks on end.
- Color is best - or contrast.
Yarn bombs always look amazing with lots and lots of color. Or go for a contrast. Don't you love the pictures of the brown tree's with a white lace yarn bomb on it. Go for something that's going to stand out.
- Use up your yarn stash and don't use expensive yarn.
Yarn bombing is great for using up your yarn stash - I know from personal experience! I have a wooden chest, plus three boxes full of yarn I've collected, bought or been given over the years. I've now cut it way way down due to trying to use it all up for yarn bombing. Don't use expensive yarn for yarn bombing. It's just a silly idea. Why pay so much for something that might not last that long. Also because, believe it or not, the cheaper yarn lasts longer outdoors. Acrylic yarn is amazing for surviving the elements.
- Photograph everything.
I can't say it enough - your yarn bomb may not last long! Take photos of it straight away. You'll appreciate your yarn bomb moreso from the photos you take, than from visiting the piece every day. Take good clear photos. If you know of photography students, then invite them along to shoot the yarn bombing. They'll love the experience and you'll get great shots.
- Carry a measuring tape at all times.
Best rule of all. I cannot count the number of times, when starting to yarn bomb, that I thought to myself "If only I had a measuring tape right now". Go and buy one of the cheap little retractable measuring tapes from your local craft shop and keep it in your bag. It's great for wiping out when you need to know the size of an object.
- Carry a ball of yarn and a hook at all times.
We all know how annoying it is to get stuck somewhere with nothing to do. Waiting for public transport. Waiting for someone at a cafe. Waiting in line for something. If you have your ball of yarn and a crochet hook or some knitting needles already with you, then there's your perfect chance to get started on a new yarn bomb. I always have something on the go and something in my bag waiting for that perfect opportunity. My tram to work is 20 minutes and it's surprising how much crochet can be done in that amount of time.
- Yarn bombing is meant to be fun!
Don't get too carried away. Yarn bombing is meant to be fun. Don't stress too much about the small things. If it looks perfect. The best place for the tag to go. Who will look at it. Will it get taken down? Too much analyzing takes the fun out of the whole thing. Many times I've gotten myself into a panic about a tag or an expedition and I've had to reel myself in and think "this is only meant to to fun - not a chore!"

Luv Bali.

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  1. Question: do you have any tips on keeping the yarn looking fresh if it stays there a long time?