Monday, 14 March 2011

Float Away Duck Project

I've been yarn bombing for a long time now and wanted to do something different. After I saw a photo of a rubber duckie with a crochet jumper on it, I felt inspired to create the "Float Away Duck" project. Basically this was a project for me to crochet twenty little ducks with jumpers and set them off down the Yarra River in Melbourne and photograph them for my yarn bombing group Twilight Taggers. The event was held on the weekend and this is how it went down...

First I set about buying all the ducks and designing a pattern for their jumper. I could only find one on the internet but I didn't like it, so I made my own. It was a bit of trial and error.
Most of the ducks were made at work because they don't take long to work up.
Saturday was a lovely day to set the ducks off down the Yarra. The sun was out and it was a warm 30*C. First we needed a shot of the ducks waiting on the deck to take the plunge.
 And the one by one, they all made their way into the water...

Spectators stopped to watch the ducks float away. I even had two small children help me throw some ducks in. :)
Some ducks didn't quite work out how to stay upright...
And some ended up in the rubbish trays...
But over all it was a brilliant day out in the sunshine, watching the ducks make their way down the river and meeting some lovely new friends.

Feel free to click the duck photo on the side of the page to take you to my Flickr account with many more photos of the duck project.

Luv Bali.


  1. oh the photos are great. I wrote a bit about them on my Stripe Poles blog.. here

  2. I just wanted to let you know that i chose you for a blog award, :) I truly do love all the yarn bombing you do, im hoping to do it where i live soon sometime too!

    <3 Veronica grace

  3. Love the little duckies. I'm sending a link out to my fellow Ninja Knitters as inspiration. You can see us here.
    Love what you are up to. Will be back to check out more.

  4. This is by far thee coolest idea! Love it!

  5. What an awsome idea... I'd love to try it here on the Wimmera River here in Horsham now that it's been flowing again for a year (since the floods in Jan 2011) where did you find the cute duckies and is there a pattern for the little jumper me and another beginner could follow to make them up?

  6. I love this one. I am working with a community group at the moment as a volunteer and we are interested in having a yarnbombing event and would love to speak with someone (email/skype about setting one up. Do you know anyone I can contact?

  7. Is there a pattern Id like to make these as table favors for my daughter in law s first rubber duckie baby shower. How awesome I think I will bomb my trailer this summer ;)