Monday, 14 March 2011

Ideas For Yarn Bombs To Make

Some ideas for yarn bombs to make...

- Short pole piece
- Granny square on fence
- Scarf for statue
- Ducks
- Long pole piece
- Park bench topper 
- Bike stand
 - Your bike
- Park bench seat cover
- Train or bus seat cover
- Ship bollard topper
- Statue clothing
The ideas are endless.
Luv Bali. 


  1. i love the granny squares!!! soo cute, oo and the scarf for the statue is priceless! Love it!

  2. One of my favourite Melbourne statues, glad you are trying to keep him warm!♥

  3. It was on a old morning too, so I'm sure he appreciated the scarf - for the half an hour it was on before it was stolen.

  4. \i really like this idea of yarn bombing. but a thought that keeps me from joining is money wastage. Is it really responsible of us to spend money and time on yarn bombs when the same money and time could be spent on making sweaters for the homeless or orphaned children? I cant say I wont smile when I see a street lamp yarn bombed, but I do think one with such beautiful talent and creativity is probably an intelligent enough person to use their talents in a earth and humanity friendly way.

  5. I can understand where you're coming from but actually yarn bombing is a creative street art and not a waste of time or money. I can't speak for other yarn bombers but for Yarn Corner [which is the world's largest yarn bombing group that I founded last year] - we donate a percentage of our commission project profits to a crafts based charity for those in need, called KOGO, which you can learn about here:

  6. We're combining our work into a charity fundraiser for two amazing causes at this end.

    Obviously, we had to get prior permission of the building in question's manager, as it would be unethical to ask people to do something knowing it to be technically illegal, but having got permission puts it above board.

    In our case, the work will come down again at the end of the day and at this point, will either be converted into small gift items and auctioned (again in aid of our two charities) or held over to be displayed once more elsewhere, before the auctioning phase.

    By diversifying projects there's really no need for any waste or negative impact of any kind really - makes it win-win all round.

  7. I really like this idea of yarn bombing. I'm definitely gonna do some of this around town. This seems something cool for teens like me! <3

    1. ......and cool for an elderly person like me! Wouldn't it be fun if we could get together to do some bombing?

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